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Hard Rock and Roll Sauce Recipe Secrets

You are either a spicy food lover or you hate spicy food. There is no middle ground. Well, this post goes to all our readers that love their food hot and spicy! Recently, it popped up into our minds with my brother, how AWESOME is the Moe’s Hard Rock and Roll Sauce. That sauce is kicking! By the way, you might need some help eating this. We thought that our readers may have gotten sick of going to Moe’s to buy some of this sauce but this should be a temporary solution. Since we are the JarKitchen team, we have made some research about the content of Hard Rock n Roll sauce at moe s southwest grill. Trust me, it is not easy and may be nearly impossible to find the exact recipe for a sauce like this.

Why is it impossible to find the recipe for Hard Rock and Roll Sauce?

Coca-Cola, KFC, Pepsi, and Mc Donalds Big Mac Sauce are all top secret recipes that are kept under utmost security measures. Therefore it is really hard to find the exact recipes for that. These secret recipes are not prepared at restaurants so that the chances of the recipe being disclosed are kept to a minimum.

Researching for the Hard Rock and Roll Sauce Recipe on the Internet

During my research, I have discovered that many people are looking for the recipe for this sauce. An employee of Moe’s responded to the topic and said that he will take a look into the ingredients list when he gets to work. Afterward, he said that he couldn’t find the ingredients. However, he also stated that the base for this sauce is the Texas Pete Hot Sauce. It seems Moe’s has added some extra spices, pepper extracts, and maybe some more vinegar to create the delicious and spicy Hard Rock n Roll Sauce. Since salt and vinegar are surely used in hard rock n roll sauce, nutrition facts show that there is 108mg of sodium per 100g of this sauce. Which makes up 5% of the daily value. Daily value is important for us. Hard Rock n roll sauce does not contain any protein.

That is how big companies keep their recipes in secret. But thank god we have the internet, we have many people’s opinions and we can find a copycat recipe for that. It is stated on the internet, that the closest you can get to the Hard Rock n Roll Sauce Recipe is the Extra Hot Valentina Hot Sauce.

Extra Hot Valentina Hot Sauce is the closest you can get!

After the research, we have found out, that the closest you can get to the Hard Rock and Roll is to get your hands on Valentina Hot Sauce. It has to be the one with the black label though. Here is the product if you are interested:

If you do not want to buy Valentina Hot Sauce, you can also make it yourself at home! But first, here is some information about the Valentina hot sauce.

Valentina is a brand of hot sauce. It has a light consistency, which means it is pourable. It is either sold in 12.5-ounce or 34-ounce glass bottles. Bottles have a flip-top cap, which cannot be unscrewed from the glass bottle. Valentina Hot Sauce is thicker than Tabasco sauce and has less vinegar in it in exchange for more chili flavor. Valentina Hot Sauce Scoville is 900 SHUs, while the Valentina Black Label Hot Sauce is about 2100 SHUs. If you are wondering what happens when you eat something spicy, you can learn more information about that in our Taco Bell Diablo Sauce Scoville article.

Nutrition facts for Valentina hot sauce state that in 1 tbsp (5g) is 5mg of sodium, which equals to 2,67% of the daily value being advised by doctors. Valentina Hot Sauce does not contain any protein. This means, that you can eat this sauce every day as long as you are careful with the amount you consume.

Valentina Hot sauce is often used in several Mexican foods. It is not only hot but also tasty. True Mexican street food is not only hot but also tasty. Valentina Hot sauce contains water, chili peppers, vinegar, salt, spices, and sodium benzoate as preservatives. From the nutrition perspective, it is not always what people look for in the sauces, since they are mostly consumed with junk food, but

Homemade Valentina Sauce Recipe (Hard Rock and Roll Sauce alternative)

We are coming all the way from Hard Rock n Roll Sauce to sweet and spicy homemade Valentina Sauce recipe. Here is the list of ingredients you need to make Valentina Sauce at home:



  • WATER: 250ml of water
  • PAPRIKA: You can find paprika almost anywhere. Just go to a local supermarket and look for paprika in the spices section. The original recipe is made with Mexican chilies, so if you can get your hands on some Mexican chilies, put them in a mortar and make a sauce out of them.
  • CHILI POWDER: You can add any chili powder you like. This is a homemade recipe, so you should avoid using hard-to-find ingredients if you want to make this quick.
  • VINEGAR: White vinegar is recommended in this sauce. You can of course use apple vinegar but that may change the taste of the end product.
  • SALT: Salt helps to preserve the sauce along with vinegar.
  • OPTIONALHoney: You can add 1/2 tablespoon of honey to balance the spiciness with a bit of sweetness.

Now that we got the easy ingredients, let us get straight to the instructions. This is how you make the Valentina Hot Sauce:


  1. Get all the ingredients, add them to a pot, and heat until the mix boils. You need to let it simmer for a minute on medium heat.
  2. Remove the pot from the heat and let it sit for 5 minutes but be careful not to let it cool down completely.
  3. To be able to get the nice saucy texture, put the mix in a blender, and start blending until you get the smooth texture. If you need a blender, you can check out our Best Quiet Blender reviews.
  4. Pour the nicely blended sauce into a sterilized bottle, secure with an airtight lid. After it has cooled down to room temperature, put it in the refrigerator and let it cool down for four to five hours. After that, you can use the sauce with any dish you like. Bon Appetit!

We want to give you another recipe right now. It is a specialty of mine and should do well with the homemade Valentina Sauce.

JarKitchen Special Pasta Sauce

Pasta with JarKitchen special pasta sauce. Sauce is red in color and garnished with 2 basil leaves on top. It tastes great with Hard Rock and Roll Sauce.
JarKitchen Special Pasta Sauce

Who does not love pasta right? It is one of the biggest reasons why people gain weight due to its high carbohydrate content. This pasta sauce is a special one for me because it is one of the first recipes that I have learned in my entire life and put on the menu. My childhood friend taught this one to me when I was 19. He learned it from his mom and his mom learned it from an Italian neighbor of theirs. I have made some alterations to the recipe to increase the taste even more. Let us get straight into it, shall we?


So, what you’ll need for this recipe is:

  • Virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of Butter
  • 1 tablespoon of pepper paste
  • 2 tablespoon of tomato paste
  • A carton of milk
  • Cumin, black pepper, chili flakes, salt, thyme
  • Fresh basil (Dried basil is also fine, but fresh is always better)
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic

special pasta sauce


  • Boil the pasta and put it aside. Keep some of the water you have boiled the pasta in aside.
  • Start by heating up the pan nice and hot. Add in three to four tablespoons of olive oil when it starts to smoke just a bit, add in the butter, and let it melt.
  • Add in the tomato paste and the pepper paste and stir nicely until they absorb some of the oil in the pan. Meanwhile, cut the garlic cloves into thin slices, and add it on top of the paste.
  • Now it is time to start adding milk into the mix. Start by adding half a glass of milk and keep stirring. Then, keep adding milk while stirring until you get the consistency of ketchup.
  • Season the sauce by adding salt, black pepper, thyme, cumin, and chili flakes (if you want some spice). Chop down four to five basil leaves, be careful not to destroy them, however; this will cause them to lose all that juice and the fresh smell of the basil. Add that into the mix, reduce the heat, and keep stirring for five more minutes.
  • Add the pasta on top of the sauce and stir nicely until the sauce is all over the pasta.
  • Serve directly after garnishing the plate with fresh basil leaves.


You might not have found the exact recipe for Hard Rock and Roll Sauce at moe s southwest grill, but we think we have given you enough information about it. Now you know why almost no one can know the recipe for sure. However, it is possible to get your hands on an alternative or even make one at home! We hope you liked this article. See you in another post! 🙂


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